Guidance for writing comments for ICT in the report.

The section for ICT in the Sussex Road School report has been enlarged to reflect the raised importance of ICT as a core subject.

The following points are intended to guide you about the types of comment you could make about a child’s ability, application and attainment in ICT:

What ICT equipment has the pupil used to support their learning? (Data logger, Digital camera, video camera, scanner, digital microscope, voice recorder, Roamer etc.)

What has the child created using ICT tools? Narrated slide-show, Multimedia presentation, Comic, Stop-frame animation, Wiki / blog posts, Video clips, Art-work, Podcast or other sound recordings, Graphs / charts / tables, Musical composition – e.g. in GarageBand.

How well has the child used ICT to combine different media – text, sounds, video, images? How well has the child used ICT tools to collaborate or communicate with others? Video conferencing (Flash Meeting), Shared presentation, collaborative mind map (2Connect), Email, Micro-blogging / discussion (Edmodo).

How well has the child made informed choices about the appropriateness of the ICT tool?

How well has the child used a database to help them to search and sort information or discover patterns to support their studies?

How well have they given instructions to make something happen? (Designing a 2DIY game, activity or quiz, Using IF functions in a spreadsheet, Controlling a roamer or BeeBot).

How well have they used ICT to measure, record and analyse physical variables? (Using data loggers to measure light, temperature or sound – either instantly or over a period of time)

This is not an exhaustive list. Other useful links:

Attainment targets for ICT in KS1 and KS2

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Kent ICT Themes (There are differentiated assessment outcomes with each.

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