The Plan for #BETT2010

This year I will be attending BETT on Friday daytime, Friday eve at TeachMeetBETT2010, and on Saturday daytime. It seems rushed even giving it the two days that I do now.

What I plan to visit:

Google – for school I need to see how Google Docs for Education Domains functions

F59 2Simple Software  – To see 2CreateASuperStory & have some hands on with some of the other software. Also need to find out how to turn down the sensitivity for 2Connect to auto link.

M50 Frog Learning Platforms

J10 Fronter Learning Platforms

J11 FutureLab

K49 See if I can speak to the NEN Live reporters about the coverage they have taken part in.

D62/C62 ‘Playful Learning,’  with @stephenheppell

A96 – Sums online

R64 – School Radio by P Squared

B30 & N23 – Promethean – Have some hands on with the new ActivBoard software – that we have yet to install.

B40 – BBC Active

C50 – Plasq

L16 – Primary Site

L20 – Open Source Schools

S46 – BrainPop

J56 – E2BN  – To see Making the News 2 in action.

P1 – TTS – For their inexpensive visualisers.

C30 – Espresso – To see if they are flexible on their pricing… before we end our contract.

C86 – VALIANT TECHNOLOGY – On the lookout for some roamer replacements.

K30 – FilmClub

SW160 – ZU3D

Hope to meet up with @markw29, @dawnhallybone, @psycho65, @dannynic & @tombarrett at least.

I’m sure there will be more that catches my attention. I am sure that I won’t get to all that I intend to.

We’ll see… More soon.

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