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My school has recently taken up a website service provided by Primary Site. We also have a related Podcast hosting service with them. My purpose of visiting Primary site at BETT was firstly, to discuss a few glitches that we had with the new site and secondly, to enquire about the pupil blogs package that they offer.

The glitches we had been experienced were – save & cancel buttons being hidden below the bottom of a non scrollable window. This was acknowledged as a bug and is to be rectified next week. – & slight styling inconsistencies between the main site and the Podcast site. These are to be brought into line.

The blogging system allows staff to moderate and control posting and commenting. Each child can have their own blog (though we may opt to have class blogs instead). The blogging system can be themed to match the website. The cost is £99

If I understand correctly. The podcasting system will be reduced to £99 per year from the £179 that we were originally quoted. This should be an automatic reduction.


As an aside – The staff at my school have taken to the editing system of the website with minimal training and support. All classes have contributed to the website. Previously, it had proved difficult to get content from staff. I think, with the addition of the blog(s) area, the site will be improved further.

The staff manning the PrimarySite stand at BETT were helpful and friendly.

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