#BETT2010 2Simple 2Control NXT

One of the gaps that needs plugging at my school is ‘control’. We have a number of unserviceable Roamers, but no real solutions for the teaching of control technology.

The Lego Mindstorm units have caught my eye for some time. The 2Simple 2Control NXT software offers a simpler programming interface than the Lego software.

It would be prohibitively expensive to purchase Lego Mindstorm units for each user. It is useful that the programming can be done using the 2Control NXT software without a Mindstorm unit attached. The playback will only work with the unit attached, so may make programming a bit hit or miss.

As well as various other control methods, the 2Simple software allows logo programming.

Cost £299 site licence.


There is a handy video overview of the software here.

If you are a school that has used the Lego Mindstorms, I would be interested in hearing from you – especially if you used it with the 2Control software.

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