#BETT2010 Weather Studio – Kudlian Software

A number of years ago, I used an iMovie plug-in produced by Kudlian Software. This allowed you to film a pupil presenting a weather forecast in front of a green screen. It included maps and weather symbols. iMovie 08 dropped the support for plug-ins as it was a completely new program.

Weather Studio from Kudlian software is a new stand-alone package that allows you to record video in front of green screen with built in maps. You can also use jpg images – giving the package more flexibility. The PC version exports wmv files. Mac version exports mov. Mac version is due soon. £44.95 single. £149 5 user £390 site.

I would be interested in trying Weather Studio in school. It would complement our weather station nicely.

The site licence is on the pricey side, but a 5 user licence is more manageable.


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