2Simple 2Connect Tip

Thanks to Anthony Evans for responding to my question:

Q: How do I stop ideas auto connecting when they are dragged too close to each other?

A: To modify the auto link variables, go into the teacher options (Ctrl + Shift + the letter “o”) and choose the IDEAS tab. To limit the effect of auto linking, choose minimum values for “link new ideas to other ideas within X pixels”, “swap links when dragged within X pixels of another idea”, and “stop auto links after X ideas”.

This will not however turn auto linking off completely – to do that, close the program down and open the 2connect.ini settings file which is found in the same folder as the program is installed (by default C:\Program Files\2Simple Software\2Connect\) . Change the line which starts “stopAutoConnectingAfter” to be equal to 1. Save and exit the file.

His original posting is on the 2Simple Blog http://2simpleblog.wordpress.com/2010/01/20/teacher-options-in-2connect/

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