I don’t fix printers!

It’s amazing how many requests I *still* get, to help with basic printing problems.

Some steps to enable staff to solve printing problems themselves:
Have you got any print credits? … No? Wait for the replenishment on Monday.
Have you selected the correct printer? … No? Select the correct printer.
Is the printer switched on? … No? Switch it on.
Is the printer showing an error? … Yes? What does it tell you?
Is there paper in the printer? … No? Put paper in the printer.
Is the printer online? … No? Put the printer online.
Is there a paper jam? … Yes? Remove paper jam.
Is the drawer / door closed? … No? Close the drawer / door.
Are there other failed jobs ahead of yours in the print queue? … Yes? Clear them.
Is the printer out of ink or toner? … Yes? Put in new ink / toner.
Have you entered a report in the technician’s job list? … No? Enter a report in the technician’s job list.
Sorted. It’s not magic.

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