Not such a slick launch of shared Google Calendars

In school, staff have been using a shared Outlook calendar to book laptops for use in lessons. The shared calendar (unlike their own calendars) are not available off site via Outlook Web Access.

The decision was made to move to a Google powered calendar, which is part of our Google Apps for Education suite.

Accounts were created and the calendar shared with each of the staff from the Admin account.

The system was tested and demonstrated to the Senior Leadership Team – and all went well – and all were suitably impressed.

The launch with staff did not go smoothly.

Staff logged into their accounts and selected the calendar… to find the shared calendar was not present in the sidebar.

The walkthrough was abandoned rather than take up the valuable time of the staff.

A dummy account was set up and the calendar shared in exactly the same way. It worked without issue immediately.

It is inexplicable why one account would work and the many others not when all are showing in the ‘sharing’ list.

Any thoughts?

Update: By removing a member of staff from the list and then re-adding them the calendar magically appears in their ‘other calendars’ list.

Update 2: It seems that the issue is caused by sharing the calendar before the first login by the user. If the share is made after the first login, the sharing process is reliably successful.