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Supply Bookings

After 20 years of permanent teaching positions, I am now ‘free’lance – offering day by day supply bookings to schools in Kent and East Sussex. Join my growing pool of schools and book early to avoid disappointment. Bookings usually taken two weeks in advance. There may be some last minute availability. To make bookings easy

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Raspberry Pi

I was lucky enough to receive a Raspberry Pi for Christmas. The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized ‘enthusiast’ computer for hobbyists. My primary purpose for the Raspberry Pi is as a media device for watching iPlayer and YouTube videos, though I quite fancy dabbling in a bit of ZX Spectrum emulation, and maybe

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Inspirational Wedding Photography

In my other life, I am a photographer. I enjoy shooting for personal pleasure and for my family. I am also shoot commissioned work – including weddings. I am always trawling photographers’ sites for inspiration. The photos on this site particularly impressed me:

Spreadsheets – Challenge Based Learning

Over the past few weeks my pupils have mastered some pretty tricky aspects of Microsoft Excel. The pupils were set the challenge of seeing how a self marking maths quiz worked. The spreadsheet had a hidden column which calculated the correct answer of the maths problem. An ‘IF’ function compared the actual answer with the

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