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I don’t fix printers!

It’s amazing how many requests I *still* get, to help with basic printing problems. Some steps to enable staff to solve printing problems themselves: Have you got any print credits? … No? Wait for the replenishment on Monday. Have you selected the correct printer? … No? Select the correct printer. Is the printer switched on?

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#BETT2010 ZU3D

I had seen ZU3D before at a conference at the Ashford International Hotel. I had a closer look at BETT and was impressed with what I saw. I have been more than happy with the quality and ease of capture with the existing iStopMotion and iMovie combination on the Macs both in school and in

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#BETT2010 Roamer Too

One of the things that I was on the look out for at BETT this year was a replacement for our aging Roamers. We have a small pile of Roamers in varying states of repair. Other than a few totally unserviceable units, the biggest issue we have is the huge outdated batteries that the roamers

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2Simple 2Connect Tip

Thanks to Anthony Evans for responding to my question: Q: How do I stop ideas auto connecting when they are dragged too close to each other? A: To modify the auto link variables, go into the teacher options (Ctrl + Shift + the letter “o”) and choose the IDEAS tab. To limit the effect of

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#BETT2010 2Simple 2Publish+

Although it is not a new product, 2Publish+ looks like a very useful program to give the younger children a means to create printed work in a wide variety of forms – from Postcards to newspapers to comic strips and more. £299 site licence.