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2Simple Software Teacher Options

I had forgotten how to access the teacher options in 2Simple software. I needed access to address two irritations that I had on a regular basis: 2Connect auto connecting without me wanting ideas linked. 2Connect printing to a printer other than the one that I wanted it to. I have now been reminded: Press ‘Ctrl+Shift+O’

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My school has recently taken up a website service provided by Primary Site. We also have a related Podcast hosting service with them. My purpose of visiting Primary site at BETT was firstly, to discuss a few glitches that we had with the new site and secondly, to enquire about the pupil blogs package that

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QR codes @ BETT2010 … where?

According the the BETT website, ( ) “QR codes will be displayed prominently on BETT signage and other marketing collateral enabling visitors to access the site directly from their phones.” I purchased an iPhone app specially to be able to take note of contact details easily as was suggested on the BETT site. I

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The Plan for #BETT2010

This year I will be attending BETT on Friday daytime, Friday eve at TeachMeetBETT2010, and on Saturday daytime. It seems rushed even giving it the two days that I do now. What I plan to visit: Google – for school I need to see how Google Docs for Education Domains functions F59 2Simple Software  –

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I was recently asked to convert some Kodak Photo CD images to something viewable. It seems that support for this file type has been dropped almost entirely on the Mac. Dragoman came to the rescue – converting batches of the .pcd images in seconds. Price: £17.50

Time Glider – web-based timeline software for creating and sharing history and project planning, allows you to make visual, interactive time lines that can be explored using a web browser. URL: A good example of Time Glider used in a school can be found here.