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ICT Support / Photography / Supply Teaching

ICT Support

I am available to give ICT support to schools and individuals.

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I am an experienced freelance photographer for commercial clients, events, weddings and for family portraits. For more information about photography services see my dedicated photography website: www.jasondilling.com

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Qualified Utility Warehouse ID

I can help you save money on your household bills. Give me a call today for a free appoinment: 07999 584480

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Getting back to Windsurfing

I started windsurfing back in the early 80s when I was about 14. I started on a Mistral Competition Club with a massive non-retractable daggerboard. This board was replaced with a newer version which had a retracting daggerboard and was constructed from a slightly lighter material. For a long time, I sailed a Mistral Garda,

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Fronter / Frog – #BETT2011

The impression you get of a product and company is influenced so strongly by the experience you have with the company representative. With the cost of investment for learning platforms being so expensive – both in terms of money & training time, I have been researching the possible solutions for more than three years. In

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Sam Animation – #BETT2011

I have given training in animation and have used it in the classroom for years now, but was introduced to Sam Animation for the first time by Oscar Stringer today at #BETT2011. The software from www.samanimation.com/ is cross platform. It starts from the great price of FREE. Although the interface is a little unpolished and

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