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ICT Support

I am available to give ICT support to schools and individuals.

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I am an experienced freelance photographer for commercial clients, events, weddings and for family portraits. For more information about photography services see my dedicated photography website: www.jasondilling.com

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Qualified Utility Warehouse ID

I can help you save money on your household bills. Give me a call today for a free appoinment: 07999 584480

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2Simple 2Connect Tip

Thanks to Anthony Evans for responding to my question: Q: How do I stop ideas auto connecting when they are dragged too close to each other? A: To modify the auto link variables, go into the teacher options (Ctrl + Shift + the letter “o”) and choose the IDEAS tab. To limit the effect of

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#BETT2010 2Simple 2Publish+

Although it is not a new product, 2Publish+ looks like a very useful program to give the younger children a means to create printed work in a wide variety of forms – from Postcards to newspapers to comic strips and more. www.2simple.com/2publishplus/ £299 site licence.

2Simple Software Teacher Options

I had forgotten how to access the teacher options in 2Simple software. I needed access to address two irritations that I had on a regular basis: 2Connect auto connecting without me wanting ideas linked. 2Connect printing to a printer other than the one that I wanted it to. I have now been reminded: Press ‘Ctrl+Shift+O’

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#BETT2010 PrimarySite.net

My school has recently taken up a website service provided by Primary Site. We also have a related Podcast hosting service with them. My purpose of visiting Primary site at BETT was firstly, to discuss a few glitches that we had with the new site and secondly, to enquire about the pupil blogs package that

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QR codes @ BETT2010 … where?

According the the BETT website, ( http://www.bettshow.com/page.cfm/link=196 ) “QR codes will be displayed prominently on BETT signage and other marketing collateral enabling visitors to access the site directly from their phones.” I purchased an iPhone app specially to be able to take note of contact details easily as was suggested on the BETT site. I

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