#BETT2010 ZU3D

I had seen ZU3D before at a conference at the Ashford International Hotel. I had a closer look at BETT and was impressed with what I saw.

I have been more than happy with the quality and ease of capture with the existing iStopMotion and iMovie combination on the Macs both in school and in the cluster. There is always the issue though, after a morning of capturing still frames in iStopMotion, that you need to move to iMovie to add sound and top and tail the video with titles, transitions and minor edits.

ZU3D is a one stop solution for stop-motion animation. The frame capture and the addition of sound tracks, titles and transitions are handled within the single program. This is useful to teachers and pupils that do not have the time or the skills to learn more than one package to create a project.

ZU3D looks an exciting product. Despite personally favoring the Apple based solution for all round flexibility, I would happily install ZU3D across every computer on our network to allow the pupils greater exposure to the tools that they need to be creative.

The developer was open to discussion about licencing arrangements and costs, so hopefully this will be an affordable solution. Our preferred licence would be one that allowed for a set number of concurrent users. This would almost certainly be limited by the number of webcams available in a school.  I’ll be in touch!

£25.52+ VAT single

£350+VAT site


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