Using digital microscopes with Comic Life

This week, I had the pleasure of an observation by Mandy Barrow ( @mbarrow ) to assess my teaching and my use of ICT to support learning.
In the weeks prior, the pupils had been working on a series of investigations on dissolving and separating. The latest work was on salt and sugar crystal growing.

For the main activity, the pupils had to capture digital microscope images from two unknown samples and compare them with known samples of caster sugar and salt – which are very similar to the naked eye. Under the microscope the salt looks more milky white and is slightly rounded in shape. The sugar is almost transparent and is more angular.

The pupils captured by the known and the unknown samples in Comic Life and added descriptions using the speech bubbles and a final statement to say which of the unknown samples was salt and which was sugar.

All in all the children were very successful in their investigations. The finished work looked good and showed well their level of understanding.

Images will follow soon.

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