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Sam Animation – #BETT2011

I have given training in animation and have used it in the classroom for years now, but was introduced to Sam Animation for the first time by Oscar Stringer today at #BETT2011. The software from is cross platform. It starts from the great price of FREE. Although the interface is a little unpolished and

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#BETT2010 2Simple 2Publish+

Although it is not a new product, 2Publish+ looks like a very useful program to give the younger children a means to create printed work in a wide variety of forms – from Postcards to newspapers to comic strips and more. £299 site licence.

2Simple Software Teacher Options

I had forgotten how to access the teacher options in 2Simple software. I needed access to address two irritations that I had on a regular basis: 2Connect auto connecting without me wanting ideas linked. 2Connect printing to a printer other than the one that I wanted it to. I have now been reminded: Press ‘Ctrl+Shift+O’

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